About the Programme


When studied at traditional institutions the process of learning a new language is often cold and theoretical with little practical relevance. Studies show that a modern educational approach with an emphasis on social and practical learning in combination with theoretical knowledge is most effective. For this reason ELMA developed an inclusive programme of both a Learnership through theoretical  training and a practical Mentorship.

In addition to formal classes we believe that learning English as a foreign language is much easier and quicker in an environment where the student has a relationship with a trusted advisor. This mentor assists the student with anything from the daily difficulties that arise from living in a foreign country to inspiring in students the urge to initiate conversation and explore the many exciting opportunities on offer. ELMA offers help with the many matters that is of concern when studying in a foreign country such as applying for a visa or even buying movie tickets! Through the Mentorship programme these concerns become opportunities to master English.

Our students are welcomed and treated as members of a family. We collect our students from the airport where the learning and mentoring starts immediately. We have regular get-togethers where we celebrate each other’s company, make new friends and discuss concerns. It is very reassuring to know that should any problems arise during your stay in South Africa, your mentor is only a phone call away.

The monthly outings are always popular and the places we visit cultural and relevant. Students are encouraged and assisted to enjoy Johannesburg’s vibrant social scene. At ELMA the unique combination of Learnership and mentoring provides a solid foundation for mastering English with skill and enjoyment.