Welcome to ELMA, the exclusive language school situated in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. At ELMA we offer foreign students the amazing opportunity to learn English, while living in the hub of Africa. Students at ELMA receive the highest quality English teaching under the personal mentorship of a trained and caring tutor.3 In a small class of selected students teaching goes far beyond a few hours in the class room, but extends to practical learning and application of language skills in daily life. ELMA’s Mentorship Programme is a holistic approach to teaching English. Students acquire fluency in English based on an intensive mentorship which focuses on each student’s individual needs and difficulties with the language. We encourage and assist the students in truly immersing themselves in the English-speaking world around them, building confidence and enabling practical and real learning. This is supported by the Learnership programme based on classes where more formal language skills are developed.  Acquired skills are practised in fun ways such as group outings to tourist attractions, restaurants and cultural events like theatre shows or exhibitions. Mentorship may include assistance with daily errands and a personal involvement in the concerns of our students.

The combination of theoretical learning and practical mentorship means our fees include both the English course and accommodation.

ELMA students live in a comfortable house on the same premises as the school. This fosters a home environment conducive to relaxed, but quick learning. With the stress and cost of transport to-and-from school eliminated our students enjoy extra time and money to learn English in a social, but safe environment.

ELMA is on the border of Greymont and Newlands, old and established suburbs in the affluent Randburg area. Walking distance to public transport facilities, antique shops, and a small neighbourhood mall, it is the perfect base from which to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage, many tourist attractions and exciting social scene. Near enough to the airport for a quick week-end away ELMA is within easy reach of other tourist hotspots like the Kruger National Park and Cape Town. As part of the Mentorship programme we delight in assisting our students in the planning of their holidays to explore our beautiful country.